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Legally Compliant Digital Storage

Since the revision of the Swiss Code of Obligations in 2002, business-relevant digital information has been legally equivalent to corresponding paper documents in Switzerland. Similar regulation exists or will be put in place in many other countries. Similar to physical documents, electronic documents must be stored securely for ten years.
If documents are stored on a modifiable data carrier during electronic archiving, their integrity must be ensured by additional technical measures. This can be done with an electronic signature, for example. On the other hand, the time at which the information is stored must be verifiable. It must be guaranteed that it cannot be falsified. This can be achieved by means of a digital time stamp. In addition, processes and procedures must be legally compliant to archiving regulations. Corresponding auxiliary information such as logs and log files must be retained.

Clouds HSM protects the keys required for electronic signatures against falsification. It can be easily integrated into common archiving and timestamping solutions.

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