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A digital vault for the ever-changing security threats

The Swiss banking infrastructure requires the highest security levels and needs to adapt to ever-changing security threats. At the core of this IT security architecture sits the Hardware Security Module (HSM), which acts as digital vault. The HSMs generate and manage encryption keys and certificates, applying them to encrypt and sign financial transactions. The Swiss company Securosys was chosen as the HSM supplier for the renewal of the IT infrastructure of the Swiss banking system.

350 conntected parties

350 conntected parties

Banks and Service offices

480+ billion CHF settled payments on peak days

480+ billion CHF settled payments on peak days

= 75% of Switzerland's annual GDP

Over 500 million transactions 

Over 500 million transactions 

per year 

FI Security in payment transactions thanks to HSM from Securosys

SIC System

The Swiss Interbank Clearing (SIC) system processes Swiss franc payments between financial institutions in real time on a gross settlement basis of around 100 Billion Swiss francs (approximately 100B €/USD) per day. Several aspects were critical for SIX when choosing the HSM for their new system, which went into service in 2016.

Learn more about the SIC System.

Solution: The Primus HSM

The Primus HSM from Securosys surpasses the stringent security requirements and delivers very high performance combined with highest quality standards. In addition, the fact that all development and manufacturing is done in Switzerland is a decisive aspect. Due to its advanced security architecture, the Securosys Primus HSM has no backdoors and outclasses existing systems.



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