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Swiss Made

Most networking equipment is designed and manufactured in China, US, France, Russia, UK, countries that have well funded government institutions focused on information gathering. Even without the knowledge of the network equipment supplier, these products may be contaminated by such an entity. 

Every operator of network security equipment should therefore ask itself:

  • Where is your networking equipment from?
  • How independent is your networking equipment supplier?
  • Was your equipment intercepted from your supplier to your site? 

Where does the hardware of the network components come from? Could it contain additional unwanted functionality that was not originally installed (reference link)? The methods of certain organizations, as we learned from Edward Snowden’s revelations, the presence of such functionality, such backdoors is not just a hypothesis but a real possibility.

The label “Swiss Made” has primarily been used to characterize the quality and the origin of luxury watches. Similarly for Securosys "Swiss Made" stands for highest reliability quality, and security. This includes Swiss production, component quality monitoring, and secured shipping of Securosys products - from assembly all the way to the customer and beyond.

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