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    Cloud-aware Primus HSM for HashiCorp Vault

    A brief introduction of REST-based HSM integration into HashiCorp Vault, both for Enterprise and Community editions.

    The platform-agnostic REST interface with zero library installation, facilitates use and deployment in clustered and multi-cloud environments. Connectivity hurdles are eliminated by using secure web connections (TLS). And best of all, use all our latest HSM innovations at your fingertips, like multi-authorization and high-performance encryption (ECIES, AES-GCM). Primus HSM includes multi-authorization workflows with policy enforcement on hardware security module.

    Securosys Secrets Engine for HashiCorp Vault

    The full HSM functionality is available to you through our state-of-the-art plugin for Vault Enterprise and Community Edition

    • Manage keys securely stored on the HSM
    • Perform cryptographic operations on the HSM
    • Use enhanced HSM features such as hardware-enforced multi-authorization workflows for compliance, signature services, or blockchain transactions
    • More information on the GitHub
    REST-based HSM integration for Vault Community Edition

    Security is paramount, consider HSM integration without hassle in your trial projects from the very beginning

    • Unlock your Vault with the security of an HSM
    • Make use of multi-authorization workflows for compliance applications
    • More information on the GitHub

    Why Choose our solutions?

    By integrating the Securosys REST API-based HSM with HashiCorp Vault, there are various advantages.

    Seamless Integration and Deployment
    No connectivity hurdles in clustered multi-cloud environments by using secure web connections (TLS). Multiple authentication methods are supported like JWT-token, Certificates, and mutual TLS. The platform-agnostic REST interface eliminates library installation, is easy to use and perfectly deployable in such environments.  
    Comprehensive Features
    The REST interface provides access to full HSM functionality like high-performance encryption and multi-authorization.
    Multi-Authorization Workflows
    Ensure that your keys are used by the right people at the right time, all with the simplicity of hardware-enforced multi-authorization workflows.
    Hardware-protected keys
    FIPS 140-2 Level 3 and Common Criteria certified HSM protect your keys and assure the integrity of the operations. 

    If you wish to get started with a trial, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via the contact form below and start securing your Vault applications now.

    For the traditional PKCS#11-based HSM-integration into HashiCorp Vault Enterprise, consult our integration guide.


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