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Comsec Distribution

Comsec Group is a pioneer, global provider of cyber security services & solutions and distribution of information security software.




Comsec Distribution is Israel’s first and largest distributor of information security (IS) products.

  • Over 30 years of pure cyber security experience.
  • Highly talented personnel with unique IDF Cyber & Intelligence training.
  • Seasoned management team bringing a wealth of cyber experience.
  • Global market reach and international client base of 1000 clients.
  • Strong presence in EMEA, with offices in London, Amsterdam & Tel Aviv.



  • Comsec Distribution is Israel’s first and among the largest distributors of (IS) products.
  • Leading vendors, including Checkpoint and Fortinet.
  • Customers include, practically, all of Israel’s system integrators, focusing on the most significant players.
  • Direct relationships with approximately 300 integrators.

Comsec provides a solution for the Israeli market with Securosys HSM solutions.

With the help of Securosys' solutions, COMSEC can offer its customers physical and mental peace of mind. The solutions provide a high level of protection, and Securosys products know how to give the desired answer at a good value.


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