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    Securosys AWS BYOK

    Empower your organization with unparalleled cloud security by leveraging the potent combination of Securosys Network (CloudsHSM) or on premises Primus HSMs and AWS Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) integration.

    Take charge of your encryption keys, achieve regulatory compliance, and gain peace of mind knowing that your sensitive data is fortified by cutting-edge hardware security.

    Benefits of Securosys AWS BYOK Integration
    Uncompromising Security
    Securosys Network HSMs provide a FIPS and Common Criteria certified hardened hardware boundary, ensuring that your BYOK encryption key is generated using the highest quality key generation practices.
    Regulatory Compliance Made Easy
    The BYOK process enables you to generate and store copies of keys outside of the cloud provider, allowing you to meet stringent compliance requirements and maintain control over your encryption keys, even in highly regulated industries.
    Seamless Integration and Guidance
    Securosys offers comprehensive support for integrating AWS BYOK with our HSMs. Our downloadable application note provides a step-by-step procedure, while the Primus-Tools utility enables customers by streamlining the implementation process. 

    Would you like to learn more about Securosys BYOK for AWS? Download the application note for detailed instructions. Elevate your cloud security to new heights and embark on a journey towards enhanced control, compliance, and data protection. Embrace the future of cloud security with Securosys and AWS BYOK integration today.

    With the introduction of AWS KMS External key store (XKS) you are able to elevate the data sovereignty and your key control to the next level. With the integration of the Securosys XKS proxy your AWS KMS external key store can now be elevated with Securosys CloudsHSM or Primus HSM. Learn more about Securosys XKS Proxy here