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Decanus allows for easy and cost-efficient management of your Primus HSM. By cryptographically pairing it with each HSM, full security is guaranteed. The remote control terminal enables you to manage up to 64 Primus HSMs at different locations anywhere in the world.



Manage your Primus HSM cluster without having to visit multiple datacenters. From your desk you can control and operate each HSM in your cluster efficiently. Decanus securely connects through the network (TCP/IP, AES 256) to your HSM. It provides the functionality of the Primus HSM frontpanel on a touchscreen display. Most configuration, management, control, and software upgrade tasks can be performed without the need to travel all over the world.


The industrial-quality touchscreen of Decanus simplifies management and operation tasks. The intuitive menu enables you to execute all functions for setup, configuration and security management fast and effortless. Even more, it enables you to monitor the overall status of your HSM.


Users of Primus HSM E-Series benefit with Decanus from the 2-factor authentication with smartcards. For users of Primus HSM X-Series, operation becomes more comfortable. The cryptographically secured initial pairing between Decanus and the managed HSMs enforces communication security at the highest level.


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Business Advantage

The Decanus remote control terminal allows for efficient management of your HSM cluster without the need to visit datacenters all over the world. Reducing the number of trips to datacenters has a significant business impact. Operations that used to take half a day or more can you be completed in minutes remotely, without any loss in security.


Power Supply

  • PoE: Class 4, 51V DC
  • Wall adaptor: 100 - 240V AC 60/50Hz, 12V DC

Input Power

  • Standby: <0.5W
  • ON (connected): BL Off, 2.3W, BL On, 3.9W

Touch Screen

  • WVGA: 800x480, 5"
  • Brightness: 800 cd/m2
  • Touch: PCAP


  • USB Host: Typ A, USB 2.0 HS
  • USB Device: Typ B, USB 2.0 HS
  • Ethernet: 100Base-TX

User Input

  • Touchscreen
  • on / off Button
  • Console: FTDI, Virtual COM port

Environmental Conditions

  • Operation: 0 C- 40 C non condensing
  • Storage: -20 C- 70 C non condensing


  • case: full metal
  • tamper battery: Lithium Thionyl Chlorid 0.65g Li, IEC 60086-4 ,UL 1642, 3.6V

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