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Randtronics Pty Limited

We make enterprise encryption easy.



What they do

Randtronics provides businesses its patented enterprise-grade ubiquitous encryption solution known as Data Privacy Manager (‘DPM’). DPM software enables sensitive data in applications, databases, and servers to be encrypted without any code or business process changes. Rely on our encryption, key management, and tokenization to protect your sensitive data from loss, theft, ransomware, whether it’s on-premise, cloud, or on the move. DPM’s policy-based pre-coded privacy aspects substantially reduce integration effort compared to alternate methods. Whether you seek to meet compliance for regulated data or maintain data confidentiality from ransomware attacks, Randtronics has a solution tailored for your needs.

Securosys HSMs and Randtronics DPM

Randtronics Data Privacy Manager (DPM) is a software-based solution that enables users to protect any data in any application, database, or file. With Securosys HSM, Randtronics DPM protects enterprise-wide sensitive data - on-premise and in the cloud. Users can protect their data without changes to software code and reduce operational costs, resulting in an excellent ROI. DPM supports laptops, desktops, servers, and databases.

Randtronics migration path

All you need to know about how to safely transition, can be found on the Randtronics website.

Main priority: Protection of sensitive data and encryption keys

The compliance requirements and technical complexity associated with data protection and cryptographic key management can be a significant cost factor for growing or established businesses. A trusted partner that ensures compliance with regulatory and industry requirements as well as professional handling of encryption and key management is critical for long-term growth and success.

Wanted: Trust and scalability required for protecting cryptographic key material

Data encryption, masking, tokenization, and anonymization are the cryptographic mechanisms used to protect privacy. However, the underlying cryptographic keys must be stored and managed securely. This prevents theft or loss of the key material and, subsequently, the ability for a stranger to decrypt previously "securely" encrypted data. 


The Securosys Hardware Security Module (HSM) and Randtronics DPM enable enterprise customers to:

  • Securely manage their cryptographic keys; only authorized users can access master keys for specific purposes
  • Ensure keys are secure and accessible at all times to DPM and non-DPM clients via policy-based plug-and-play connectors and API functions
  • Ensure separation of duties between DPM clients and the DPM key management, which integrates with the HSM for external hardware key generation
  • Provide the highest performance to support DPM performance requirements.


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