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Safeguarding of Crypto Assets

Learn About the Safeguarding of Crypto Assets in this Whitepaper

We take a look at different technologies and methods available for custodial platform, ranging from open-source cold-storage standards using on-chain multi-signature schemes, through Secure Multi-Party Computation to Hardware Security Modules by both legacy manufacturers and Securosys.

We also explore advantages and shortcomings of Hardware Security Modules, how they must evolve to keep up with the paradigm change introduced by cryptocurrencies to help us understand how to lead that change.


Rather than arbitrarily comparing solutions, SECUROSYS looked at various attack vectors and failure modes, and explored how different approaches help custodians defend against and prevent such events. The types of vulnerabilities SECUROSYS analyzed are:

  • Physical access to the key material;
  • Unauthorized operations with the keys allowing the attacker to sign asset withdrawal transactions;
  • Randomization algorithm weakness, which could be exploited to compute what should be an unguessable key;
  • Calculation of private key data from its respective public key (something currently prevented by design of the asymmetric cryptography, but potentially feasible with future quantum computing);
  • Hardware failure leading to a loss of private key material.

Download the WHITEPAPER here