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Securosys 365 DKE

Microsoft Double Key Encryption for Microsoft Information Protection (MIP/AIP) helps you protect your sensitive Office 365 content. Securosys 365 - Double Key Encryption gives you the security and control you want when dealing with highly sensitive data by giving you sole control over your cryptographic keys and making the data inaccessible to third parties.

Securosys 365 DKE is provided as a Cloud Service – no on-site infrastructure required.

More control and security

Ongoing digitization is constantly increasing the pressure on companies, and services like Microsoft 365 have become indispensable for centralized and agile collaboration. Many companies face the challenge of securing their confidential data and complying with legal requirements while ensuring the effectiveness and efficiency of their employees. Stop worrying about compliance regulations in highly regulated industries such as financial services, healthcare, and the public sector. Secure your high-value data with S365 DKE, communicate across acquisitions, and finally get the security and privacy you want for your Microsoft 365 data.

Exclusive control over keys

Double Security

Controlled Access to data

User friendly and flexible

Data is highly secure and opaque

Easy data transfer to the cloud

Securosys 365 DKE encrypts the content of documents stored in the Microsoft 365 cloud using keys not available to Microsoft. This service leverages Microsoft's Double Key Encryption (DKE) offering: the protection of highly sensitive data. It allows users to maintain full control over their encryption keys. With Double Key Encryption (DKE), your Microsoft 365 document is encrypted with two keys.

  • The encryption key is in your control, securely stored in the tamper-proof Securosys CloudsHSM.
  • The second key is stored in Microsoft Azure so you can move your encrypted data to the cloud.

It is only possible to access the data with both keys, similiar to the dual control principle so you no longer have to worry about highly sensitive data being viewed by third parties. Your data remains entirely opaque for Microsoft and also for Securosys.

Using Microsoft Information Protection's Sensitivity Labels (MIP/AIP), you can classify and protect your organization's data while ensuring that users' productivity and ability to collaborate are not compromised. Simply use Bring Your Own Keys (BYOK) from Securosys CloudsHSM to Microsoft Azure Vault for MIP encryption and front-end processing, and start integrating your enterprise encryption key management with Microsoft policies.





Always safe, never sorry

Security and Control in your hands

What makes S365 DKE unique

The Benefit of extra security for your documents
Control over data in the cloud

Manage the access to your keys and the content protected by the key completely opaque for Securosys or Microsoft. 

Two Layers of security

With the help of double encryption, your data cannot be accessed or read even if one of the keys is hacked. 

Management of your keys

Securely create, store, and protect your cryptographic keys in Securosys HSM as a Service- CloudHSM. 

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Request a demo of Securosys 365 Double Key Encryption.