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Securosys 365 - Always safe, never sorry

Securosys 365 encrypts the content of documents stored in the Microsoft 365 cloud using keys not available to Microsoft. This service leverages Microsoft's new Double Key Encryption (DKE) offering: any Microsoft 365 document that is encrypted by default with Microsoft-managed keys can now be encrypted again with an additional key. This key is under the exclusive control of the customer and securely stored in Securosys CloudsHSM. The document can only be viewed and accessed with both keys, similar to the dual control principle. The files remain inaccessible to Microsoft or Securosys.


How is Securosys 365 different?

2nd key is stored in tamper-proof Hardware Security Modules (HSM) by Securosys

With Double Key Encryption (DKE), your data is encrypted with two keys. Your encryption key is in your control, securely stored in the tamper-proof Securosys CloudsHSM - and the second key is stored in Microsoft Azure so you can move your encrypted data to the cloud. Securosys 365 protects your content by storing your 2nd key in dedicated Hardware Security Modules - as a cloud service or on-premise solution.

Your highly sensitive document can be stored in Microsoft Azure Cloud - with peace of mind

You can store Double Key Encrypted documents on-premises or in the cloud. When in the cloud, you can move encrypted content to SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business. Because Microsoft doesn't have access to your private key, the encrypted data remains opaque to Microsoft and also Securosys. 

Securosys 365

The Benefit of Extra Security for your documents

Securosys 365 is built on the basis of Securosys CloudsHSMs and uses the FIPS140-2 Level 3 and CC EAL 4+ certified Primus HSM. All software code and blueprints can be reviewed by our customers. Neither Microsoft nor Securosys have access to the plain view of any customer data.

When You need it

You will need this solution if:

  • You want to make sure that only you can decrypt protected content, no matter what the circumstances.
  • You don't want Microsoft to have access to protected data on its own.
  • You have legal requirements to keep keys within a geographical boundary. All the keys you have to encrypt and decrypt data are managed in Securosys CloudsHSM - or in a Securosys Hardware Security Module on site.

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