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Compliance Filter

Due to the ever-increasing use of computers and technologies in connection with the IoT and increasing data processing, security plays an increasingly important role in today's world. Public regulations such as the DSGVO shapes data security and, in consequence, internal business requirements when processing sensitive data.

Large attack surfaces often arise from the seamless linking of hardware, hypervisor, operating system, and apps. In addition, these technology stacks are installed and managed by humans and very often result in a greater security risk. In addition, performing actions such as digital signatures often requires authentication by multiple parties. However, in some cases, such rules need to be automated, e.g., for low-value transactions, when the cost of various signatures is not feasible or too high in terms of the associated risk.

The solution here is a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) which processes and encrypts data in a separate and secure enclave. Moreover, a compliance filter runs as artificial intelligence in a TEE as part of the sign-off rules. The piece of code, making the decision of which rule to apply becomes a compliance relevant piece of software as it enforces the rule on what is considered a low value transaction. Therefore, codes can be executed securely and proveable.

Solution Details

By integrating Secuorsys Imunes TEE with CloudHSM, enterprises can prove that an individual output generates from a particular input when a specific code is executed. Therefore, a TEE in the CloudHSM environment behaves like a public notary authenticating real-world processes or facts. In the digital realm, digital signatures perform notarization.

Codes should be kept traceable and secure at all times. Running in a separate enclave increases security standards and ensures the automated execution of multi-party schemes. CloudHSM, together with Securosys Imunes TEE allows you to protect your data and codes fully.

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