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Crypto Currencies

Secure Storage of Crypto Assets

Crypto currencies are becoming increasingly important. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoincash, etc. are protected by cryptographic methods. Instead of a banknote, the owner of a crypto currency receives a private key. This key must be protected, similar to a banknote, because it too can be stolen or lost. Common methods include printing the private key on a piece of paper or storing it in a USB memory and carrying it on oneself (also called "cold storage"). Another common method, which is even more insecure is to store it somewhere on your computer. This form of cold storage is neither secure, reliable, nor scalable. It is also impractical if you want to use the private key to quickly pay with crypto currencies. These Primus HSM are already being used for crypto funds, crypto storage, crypto brokers and ICO platforms. 

The key must be securely stored on a dedicated device: On a hardware security module, as is the case with Securosys Clouds HSM.
Clouds HSM is based on the powerful Primus HSM from Securosys.

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