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Primus HSM keep your PKI secure

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is used to establish a chain of trust so that a user, service, computer, or application can be authenticated, a secure connection can be established or the origin of software  or documents can be validated. This is done through certificates, which a PKI creates, manages, distributes, but also can revoke. A certificate contains the public key, its corresponding private key must be kept safe and secret. It must be kept in a hardware security module (HSM).

If you are already running a PKI and are wondering how you can migrate to Securosys Primus HSM, here is the plan: Easy PKI Migration to Securosys Primus HSM.


Features of EJBCA Enterprise

Enterprise or IoT security solutions require a combination of automated PKI certificate issuing, provisioning, code signing, robust key storage, and a powerful management system that simplifies certificate lifecycles while meeting information security and compliance requirements. PrimeKey and Securosys bring together a proven PKI, Digital signature, and Hardware Security Module solution for on-premise or cloud scenarios. 

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Entrust PKI

Securosys Primus HSM or CloudsHSM integrate fully with Entrust PKI to protect the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive keys. Organizations looking to extend the security of on-premises or hosted PKIs can deploy Entrust solutions in conjunction with Securosys Primus HSM or the on-demand CloudsHSM service. Securosys HSMs securely generate, store and manage CA private keys, ensure that critical keys are never exposed to unauthorized entities, and are required in case of strong compliance regulations.

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Securing Microsoft PKI/CA

The Microsoft (MS) Server package already contains a PKI/CA. With that PKI, a Certificate Authority  (CA) can be established. The trust of the entire system and validity of each issued certificate depends upon the protection of the CA key issuing the identities. Therefore, Microsoft best practices recommend storing private keys on a HSM. The PKI application is connected to the Primus HSM via the CNG Provider. Learn more on how to protect the MS PKI/CA in this solution brief.

Solution Brief

Quantum Computers - A Threat for PKI?

What are the prerequisites for a secure PKI today? Will quantum computers make PKIs obsolete in the future? When are quantum computers really going to be available? Could blockchain provide a solution? At the event “About & Beyond PKI” in 2017 several speakers answered these questions. You can find a summary on this discussions here.

Photo credit: An IBM Q cryostat used to keep IBM’s 50-qubit quantum computer cold in the IBM Q lab in Yorktown Heights, New York.

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SwissPKI - Managed Public Key Infrastructure

SwissPKITM is a feature rich, fully integrated Public Key Infrastructure service which helps expand your enterprise security: from large scale deployments to Embedded or CloudsHSM solution, our service provides all necessary out-of-the box components to increase your digital security in a safe, simple and quick way.

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OpenXPKI by
White Rabbit Security

About 20 years of experience in PKI make White Rabbit Security GmbH a competent partner for designing, implementing, and managing IT security in heterogeneous environments. Their customers can expect clear, vendor-independent recommendations based on industry standards and our best practices when designing solutions. White Rabbit's focus on process automation and continuity during project implementation to ensure secure, reliable, and cost-effective solutions without sacrificing quality, security, or availability. 

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