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PrimeKey is a pioneer and world leader in open-source cryptography, PKI, and digital signature software. They provide businesses and organizations worldwide with the ability to implement effective security, such as digital identities for IoT devices, eIDs, e-Passports, document and code signing, and authentication. PrimeKey products are Common Criteria and FIPS-certified. They have numerous Webtrust/ETSI and eIDAS audited installations, and internal processes are ISO 9001, 14001, and 27001 certified.

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PrimeKey is one of the world’s leading companies for PKI and digital signing solutions. As of June 2021, PrimeKey is a part of Keyfactor. With our EJBCA Enterprise, SignServer Enterprise, and the PrimeKey SEE products, we deliver the capability to implement an enterprise-grade PKI system ready to support solutions such as IoT, e-ID, e-Passports, authentication, digital signatures, code signing, digital identities, and validation; all solutions where digital certificates would be the main enabler. Choose to deploy your solution as flexible software, in a robust hardware or software Appliance, in the Cloud, as a Service in the Cloud, or in a hybrid deployment adapted to your business needs.



PrimeKey products are used in industries where IT security and integrity are prioritized. Our products are Common Criteria and FIPS-certified, we have numerous Webtrust/ETSI and eIDAS audited installations, and our internal processes are ISO 9001, 14001, and 27001 certified.

PrimeKey has offices in Stockholm, Sweden; Aachen, Germany; Paris, France; San Mateo, USA; and Melbourne, Australia. Together with our global network of technology and resell partners, we are proud to count many of the industry-leading companies and institutions within IT, Telecom, Banking, Industrial, Public CAs, and different branches of Government as our long-time customers.

Solution Overview

Enterprise or IoT security solutions require a combination of automated PKI certificate issuing, provisioning, code signing, robust key storage, and a powerful management system that simplifies certificate lifecycles while meeting information security and compliance requirements. PrimeKey and Securosys bring together a proven PKI, Digital signature, and Hardware Security Module solution for on-premise or cloud scenarios.

Securosys Primus HSM and CloudsHSM service for PrimeKey EJBCA Enterprise and Public Key Infrastructure

The Securosys Primus HSM or CloudsHSM service now can be used with PrimeKey® EJBCA® Enterprise or EJBCA community edition PKI to generate and use EJBCAs key material within the protected boundary of Securosys Hardware Security Modules. 

Essential security services for trusted identities and secure communication

EJBCA Enterprise and Public Key Infrastructure, as one of the most used PKI, certificate issuing, and management software, provides you with the essential security services for trusted identities and secure communication in any environment and use case.  

How Customers Benefit

  • Customers benefit from fast regional access, load-balancing, and automatic redundancy failover thanks to the built-in large geo-redundant HA cluster mechanisms.  
  • Multi-tenancy and large built-in storage allow the separation of different instances and usage for future applications.  
  • Minimize risk of exposure and operational failures by taking Root CA partitions off-line and additional Security Officer intervention for key deletion.  
  • Ease CA key ceremonies and automate audit procedures using Securosys Key Attestation and Audit features, proofing all keys and relevant parameters with a chain of trust originating from our Securosys root certificate. 


For more information on EJBCA and Primus HSM, refer to the Securosys Application Note available for download from the Securosys website. 


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