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Protecting the Crypto Stash with Multi-signature, Multi-party Computation and HSMs: Part I

We compared Multi-Signature, Multi-Party Computation, and Hardware Security Modules to find out which one would be the best at protecting crypto-currencies and assets while also meeting operational, business, and regulatory requirements.

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Quality and reliability, anybody?

“Is this any good? Will it last?” Sometimes these questions are thrown directly at us, sometimes they are just written in our clients’ faces. In the end, everybody wants to know how we can guarantee not just the safety and security, but also the..

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Why a hardened server is not good enough to store crypto assets and how to reliably store crypto assets

Blockchain technology can dramatically improve retail efficiency by enabling fully digital processing and eliminating unneeded intermediaries. It is used for tokenized goods, smart contracts and crypto currencies. However, a challenging problem..

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Internet of Things - Where are all the keys?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the business world. The ability to collect and evaluate data from billions of devices and sensors across ecosystems scattered around the world enables companies to make informed decisions and take immediate..

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Spectre and Meltdown make servers unsafe - for years to come!

So you are running your system on Azure or AWS. Why not, it is easy and quick to get going. It is scalable thanks to the many servers available and the virtualization environment. What could go wrong?

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GDPR Database Encryption

GDPR mandates that as from May 28 2018 on data of natural persons from the EU, such as customer data is safeguarded and access to is controlled. The only technical measure mentioned in the law is encryption.

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