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Quantum Computers -  A threat for PKI?

Photo Credit: IBM quantum computer. An IBM Q cryostat used to keep IBM’s 50-qubit quantum computer cold in the IBM Q lab in Yorktown Heights, New York.   What are the prerequisites for a secure PKI today? Will quantum computers make PKIs obsolete in..

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Growing up

Only 8% of all startups survive for more than 1000 days. We passed this milestone over the holidays. We must have done something right! Securosys is growing up!

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How to avoid Zero-Day attacks in networking equipment

"The question is not if you get hacked, but when," said Robert Rogenmoser, CEO Securosys, at the Swiss Economic Forum on 06/09/2016 in Interlaken.

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Manufacture in Switzerland? The perfect solution for security equipment!

A few weeks ago we attended a lecture by Adi Shamir, the co-inventor of the RSA encryption algorithm. After his talk someone asked him how to build a HSM. In fact, we are building a HSM - a hardware security module at Securosys. Obviously we were..

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Encryption works

An attacker does not have to break encryption if they get your password. A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending a lecture by Adi Shamir. Adi is the “S” in RSA, the wide-spread public key encryption system he co-invented in 1977. Adi is..

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Trust in your equipment

How to avoid backdoors in network security equipment. Whom do you trust when buying secure network communications equipment? The systems that your company relies on to bounce off unauthorized prying eyes? These boxes should provide encryption and..

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