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Safekeeping of Crypto Assets

For real cold storage, do not rely on paper or USB keys. A piece of paper, a USB key - is this really the way I should keep my crypto assets? Well, if it is just for myself, and the value of crypto coins does not exceed a few hundred bucks, then..

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HSM in the cloud - what to watch out for?

Hardware Security Modul and cloud seem to be incompatible opposites. We associate cloud with the attribute „insecure“. In contrast, HSMs are supposed to be highly secure. So how can we secure HSM in the cloud? Securosys' CEO Robert Rogenmoser..

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Switzerland as the ideal production site for cyber security hardware and software

Switzerland should start producing its own devices and software, says IT expert Gunnar Porada. Sounds like a good idea to us!

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Quantum Computers -  A threat for PKI?

Photo Credit: IBM quantum computer. An IBM Q cryostat used to keep IBM’s 50-qubit quantum computer cold in the IBM Q lab in Yorktown Heights, New York. What are the prerequisites for a secure PKI today? Will quantum computers make PKIs obsolete in..

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Growing up

Only 8% of all startups survive for more than 1000 days. We passed this milestone over the holidays. We must have done something right! Securosys is growing up!

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How to avoid Zero-Day attacks in networking equipment

"The question is not if you get hacked, but when," said Robert Rogenmoser, CEO Securosys, at the Swiss Economic Forum on 06/09/2016 in Interlaken.

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