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Securing Your Cloud Systems

Be Digital.
Be Secure.

Securosys CloudsHSM -
The Cornerstone for Cloud Security

The safety of physical hardware security modules at your fingertips as a service.

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Microsoft DKE – Double Key Encryption to keep your documents private

Securosys 365 DKE to share and control access to MS Office 365 files.
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Smart Key Attributes (SKA) in HSM

Securosys Smart Key Attributes - enabling true multi-authorization, rules and more for private key usage.

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Blockchain HSM

Distributed Ledger Technology and Blockchain systems rely on cryptography and need highly reliable technology to securely store, access, and use digital keys. Securosys Blockchain HSM deliver best protection, superior functionality, and scalability for enterprise grade systems.
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Primus Hardware Security Modules (HSM)

A Hardware Security Module generates, stores, and manages access of digital keys. Instead of having this critical information stored on servers it is secured in tamper protected, FIPS 140-2 Level 3 validated hardware network appliances.

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Blockchain HSM-1


When safety is important. When you want to use HSM. When you don’t want to operate HSM yourself. When you want to scale up.

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PKI – Public Key Infrastructre

Digital identities and their certificates for users, companies, and even equipment is an important step when digitizing a business. A PKI manages these identities and stores them securely in HSM.

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Network Encryption
(Layer-2 Encryptor)

Using our Centurion Encryptors, you can easily and cost-effectively secure broadband multi-site communications. The native support of Ethernet and IP makes the devices ideal for all layer-2 encryption and layer-3 encryption using carrier Ethernet, MPLS and IP networks in any configuration: link, point-to-point, point-to-multipoint or mesh.

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Securosys SA is a technology company headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. We secure data and communications. Our flagship product is the Primus Hardware Security Module to protect the Swiss banking system SIC and stock market SIX, blockchain and crypto assets solutions, and Public Key Infrastructure systems.

Also available as-a-Service, our solutions Securosys 365 Double Key Encryption (DKE) and Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) secure the access to Public and Private Clouds.

We develop and manufacture our products in Switzerland. There are no backdoors.

Engineered, designed, and manufactured in Switzerland

Swiss quality and security – free from contaminating influences available on-premise or through our cloud service all over the world.

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Microsoft DKE - Double Key Encryption to keep your documents private
Securosys 365 DKE to share and control access to MS Office 365 files.
Securosys Clouds HSM: Your online key vault
Running a HSM cluster professionally requires a wide range of know-how and…
BLOCKCHAIN HSM: A dedicated hardware security module
Often, news reports are focused on the loss or theft of crypto assets worth millions of dollars.…
Using the Centurion Network Encryptors, (als called layer-2 encryptors and layer-2 over layer-3 encryptors) you can easily and cost-effectively secure broadband communications. It is the safest way to connect two or more sites.

With Securosys we can offer a platform for crypto assets that goes above and beyond the requirements of institutional investors!

Crypto Finance AG


29 September 2022
5th Securosys User & Developer Conference
At the annual Securosys User & Developer Conference 2022 you will learn about the new features of our products and get insight into best practices and trends to watch. This year, our general theme is cloud security with side topics such as PKI and blockchain.
Renaissance Tower Hotel
Zurich, Switzerland

12 Oktober 2022
WEBINAR: Double Key Encryption (DKE)

Learn how Securosys 365 DKE optimally protects your data in the Azure Cloud without limiting your employees' productivity.

More details will follow





02 - 04 November 2022
Singapore Fintech FEstival

Singapore FinTech Festival is the largest FinTech festival in the world and a knowledge platform for the global FinTech community. It will bring together the global FinTech community to engage, connect, and collaborate on issues relating to the development of financial services, public policy, and technology.

Singapore Fintech Festival 2022
Singapore Expo 
25 - 27 October 2022
Europe's leading trade fair for IT security

it-sa is Europe's largest expo for IT security and one of the most important platforms for solutions in the fields of cloud management, mobile and cyber security as well as data and network security in the world.

it-sa 2022
Nuremberg, Germany


Trusted by
the Swiss Interbank Clearing System SIC
Very high performance
combined with highest quality standard
Over 100 Billion Swiss Francs
in daily transactions secured for SIX

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